C'yh Tia


Age - 29
Race - Seeker of the Sun
Gender - Cis-Male
Sexuality - Gay (Usually Top, also Switch)
Relationship Status - Single
Home - Shirogane Apartment on Mateus/Crystal
First Name Pronunciation - kʌ́íə
(Heavy NSFW Gposer)

Seeking out

seek out people want to have their NSFW screen shots taken.

  • Male ( cont. FtM ) Torso: TBSE X, SE Slime available

  • Miqote, Au Ra, Viera

  • Pathological dislike of glasses

  • Prefering no beard

  • For details, see f-list in Gallery


He's from the Koshu of Hingashi, so he only makes simple conversation in Eorzea.The Tia-s of his tribe had a custom of "Shu-do(衆道)," where the elders educated the younger ones both physically and mentally. Their education ranged from martial arts, etiquette, history, arithmetic, reading and writing, to survival skills.
Within that system, sexual intercourse between men was routinely practiced in order to strengthen the male bond within the tribe or to show loyalty to the Nunh.
Like Seekers of the sun of Eorzea, Tia-s did not have the right to breed, so it also served as an outlet for their sexual desires, but since it was rare for anyone to become a Nunh, it was more common for them to have sex with other Tia-s.
When C'yh came here to Eorzea, he was very surprised to find that Tia-s here was having sex with women, but he realized that he had already lost all interest in breeding with women. And just as the Sun Seeker is polygamous, so is he, having relationships with many men at the same time and not liking to bind them to each other. He came here to Eorzea and shortly after, he was blessed with a nice guy and got married, but experienced a breakup because of this habit of his.He has a cheerful and friendly personality, but he is not very good at Eorzea language, so he is always feeling nervous when he can't give a good response. However, he is very fond of getting laid, where he shows his intimacy.

Savory Foods.All Glasses.
Laidback atmospheres.Alcohol
SexNo sex


  • I like taking NSFW screenshots much. Therefore, I am always looking for cute models.  It would be helpful if you could let me know in advance about your fetishes and kinks so that I can shoot you or 3some, 4some in whatever poses you wish mostly. I am open to almost fetish and kinks.

  • Because I will send you all of the screenshots I took through discord, we need to know each other's IDs.

  • Please make sure that you are an adult according to the laws of your country. I cannot take any NSFW screenshots with underage people.

  • Of course, IC and OOC are different.